About Nor Consult

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About Us

Nor Consult, LLC, established in 2005, is an independent full-service Contract Research Organization specializing in the clinical research of medical devices and combination products. We have extensive experience managing global multi-center trials for industry, academia, and non-profit Sponsors. Our team specializes in spine and orthopedic research, yet we also manage trials and support Sponsors across a wide variety of other therapeutic areas including, but not limited to, diseases of the central nervous, cardiovascular, and rheumatic system, as well as preventive medicine, ophthalmology, bariatrics, injury prevention, and many others.

Our Collaborations

In order to maximize clinical study investments, we maintain strong relationships in our collaborations with the leading scientists, clinicians, and medical centers across Australia, Europe, and North America.

Our Expertise

We strive for excellence in every phase of your clinical study. Our proficiency in developing advanced study designs using cutting-edge biostatistical methods, combined with efficient study management and regulatory negotiations, have made us an industry leader. Nor Consult, LLC, was the first CRO to introduce an adaptive statistical design approach for investigational device exemption (IDE) studies, which is the most efficient solution for assuring the smallest appropriate sample size for a study. Our success is maximized through the use of remote electronic data capture, secure image collection and archiving, and collaborative software platforms. To ensure data security, our redundant data servers operate in two separate data warehouses located in two distinct geographic areas.

Our Experience

Nor Consult, LLC, has designed, managed, analyzed, and helped publish a variety of trials including: phase II/III double-blinded placebo-controlled drug trials; prospective FDA IDE trials; prospective device and drug trials for Health Canada; prospective device trials reporting to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia; and various prospective trials reporting to the European national competent authorities.

Furthermore, we have worked on dozens of smaller studies, including retrospective studies for industry and academia.

Our Company History

Nor Consult, LLC, was founded by a physician-researcher with a background in injury prevention, orthopedic academic research, and CRO management. We managed our first North American pivotal study in 2005 and quickly expanded to managing international research in 2006. With over 150 years of combined clinical research experience among our team, we are continuing to grow our presence in North America as well as internationally. As a result of our global presence and strategic relationships with partner CROs, we have the capacity to manage your trial regardless of where the recruitment efforts are situated.